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Positive change for the 84th District
Increasing access to healthcare for all

Every citizen in Kentucky should have access to quality, affordable healthcare. A bill was introduced to protect healthcare coverage for pre existing conditions and unfortunately our current leadership in the House refused to vote on it.

The United States is the only country in the world who doesn’t offer such a plan. I support universal healthcare that will give every Kentuckian health insurance that will:

  • Cover all Kentuckians, including those with pre existing conditions.
  • Eliminate premiums, co-payments and deductibles.
  • Making sure all receive the healthcare they need.
  • Make sure they don’t lose coverage if they lose their jobs and can’t pay their bills.
  • Work to lower prescription costs that’s putting vital medication out of the reach of many Kentuckians.
Supporting our education systems

Public education has been under attack for sometime in Kentucky. Our teachers and public schools have been underfunded and they are organizing for better conditions.

  • I support public education to the fullest.
  • I will protect and improve teachers benefits and the pension.
  • I will oppose any and all legislation that provides school vouchers, tax credits, or divert public education funds to private charter schools.
  • The imcumbent has a consistent record of voting against the ones who teach our children.
  • Make sure that all school personnel have the supplies and resources needed for our public schools.
Empowering and advocating for Kentucky workers

I support repealing the right to work legislation. This legislation only hurts Kentucky workers. Most of us grew up in strong union roots and workers all across the state fought hard for the rights and benefits many enjoy today.

We must fight to protect all workers - Men and women alike - who go to work everyday and need good working conditions and benefits.

The coal industry is over. Families in Perry and Harlan counties work hard everyday and still live from payday to payday.

We need jobs that pay good wages. Raising the minimum wage will help stabilize the economy.

High speed and broadband internet accessibility is a must to increase job availability. Increased availability will provide access to many remote jobs that pay good wages.

28% of our people live in poverty and this is unacceptable.

Improving our critical infrastructure

We need to update our water systems ensuring all have access to good, clean water.

Update our sewer systems so all homes have access to sewage instead of straight pipes still running in our creeks.

Our current industrial parks need to be filled with new industry.

Re construct our current roads and bridges for better access to our areas.

Expand broadband to every Kentuckian. The internet is essential for all in bringing our economy to modern times. Many new businesses are online and need broadband to open businesses in our area.

I also support legalizing medical marijuana.

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