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As most everyone knows, public education and public employees were attacked by the last legislative session! The passing of the pension reform bill (and future threats at another “sewer bill”) will have an impact on public education for years to come.

And you need to look no further than the enormous teacher shortage to prove the damage has begun to show itself. Public education funds must be protected now and forever and must be a top priority in the future. Educators and State Employees were attacked publicly and insulted by the passing of the pension bill that they tried to push through as an attachment to a waste water bill!

Our Current State Representative voted YES for this bill which forced many teachers and state employees into an early retirement because of the very real fear of losing what they had worked so hard for over the years was on the brink of collapse.

The people of Perry and Harlan Counties deserve better than this! Let’s take District 84 back from those who no longer serve at the will of the people! I believe the people of the 84th House District has the best people in the state. They are hard working men and women who deserve the best jobs and opportunities like the rest of the state.

Let’s talk about some of the possible answers for our district.

Jobs: We have the best workforce in the world. We have to pound the pavement in order to recruit industries that will provide gainful employment for our region. Eastern Kentucky is a prime investment opportunity with a lower cost of living and cheaper land than you will find in other areas of Kentucky and the country.

Tourism: Three words when it comes to our tourism initiatives are marketing, marketing, marketing! We have to hit the internet hard with well-structured campaigns. We know the problems so let’s talk solutions. As a lifelong resident of Perry County, I know it’s time we have a voice in Frankfort.

With many talks with friends, family, and prayers for guidance, I have decided to run in the 84th District. Those who know me know that I have not decided on this lightly. The odds are stacked against me in terms of money and fighting an opponent who is politically entrenched in the quagmire of Frankfort’s underbelly.

As your state representative, I will work with local government officials as well as the Governor to have the best to our area. I am not interested in political posturing over ideals set by the national parties that don’t know or care anything about Eastern Kentucky. I am interested in helping the people I go to church with, work with, see at the local gas station. I, Kenneth Hall, will work with a servant’s heart and not a politician’s greed.

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